re-cap of this year’s FARA2018

Creative without strategy is called ‘art.’ Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising.’ (Jef I. Richards)

Philippe Morozov | There Are As Many Stories To Tell As There Are In Real Life

Philippe is a child of the world. He traveled a lot to learn, to experience, to get as much as possible from himself and the world around him. And because of this little “obstacle”, we had to have our “conversation” remotely. I have never had this kind of conversation with a stranger before – remote but close. That’s because I had a conversation with eyes, soul, mind and heart open to “listen” to my questions and to answer sincerely. Philippe and I, we still don’t know each other personally, but I think that when I see him, I would feel like I’m in a company of a friend or at least of another child of the reality intertwined with dreams.

Daniela Ivanova, GARDEROB | Style Comes From Within

A quiet and calm voice and a genuine smile. What a delight!