pale blue bot the movie
Pale Blue Dot - Passion Project Turned Into a Star

manifest - top reviewed video production company
The Manifest Ranks Handplayed Among Top Reviewed Video Production Companies Globally

We are delighted to announce that we’ve been ranked among the most-reviewed production companies in the entire world by The Manifest - a business news and how-to website that compiles and analyzes practical business wisdom for innovators, entrepreneurs, and small and mid-market businesses.

louder than words
Fine Acts Speak Louder Than Words

spotlight on: handplayed's recent international recognitions

handplayed x hug or handshake: meet the DOPs
handplayed x hug or handshake: meet the DOPs

How do you work on one project with four different directors and two other cinematographers with completely different visions? How do you film the exact same place and time, but through three different perspectives, with an ever changing daylight and poor weather conditions? How do you shoot underwater scenes with only an aquarium and fisherman overalls?

once upon a pink sedan
once upon an interactive album

unsettling paradox of simultaneously running away from and towards your past

Once Upon a Pink Sedan: Meet The Directors
handplayed x hug or handshake: meet the directors

From directing 80 shots in 7 hours through shooting from a sinking boat and dealing with an actress’ hypothermia on set to overnight underwater scenes with scuba divers - the directors of “Once Upon a Pink Sedan” have experienced all kinds of intense moments during the interactive album’s production...

PayPal UK's Summer Moments in Bulgaria
PayPal UK's Summer Moments in Bulgaria: a Case Study

A Walk Through Bulgaria: a Case Study
A Walk Through Bulgaria: a Case Study

The photographer Vladislav Terziiski takes Minka and Asen on a journey across Bulgaria. Check out in this case study what was our journey delivering this video.

The Proposal: a Case Study
The Proposal: a Case Study

EVN made us an accomplice in Alex and Katya’s magical love story.

Cake News: a Case Study
Cake News: a Case Study

Case studies like this allow us to show case some of the varied work we do. We are often requested to do work that is not only for commercial use. For example, we stay positive, flexible and supportive to social campaigns that we stand proudly behind. Here is something we collaborated with Fine Acts Foundation – not our first project together. Because it’s always a beautiful journey when you work with people who are united by common moral and professional values.
handplayed is Excited to Receive Client Feedback

Did you know that the average video retains 37% of viewers all the way to the end of the video? It’s true. How do you make sure your viewers are watching your videos all the way to the end?

MUAs: Atanas Temnilov, Bistra Ketchejieva, Iva Dencheva, Yana Dodova, FX Studio Bulgaria

You give them a face, they see a canvas and they add another layer to the storyline.

Prod. designers: Andrea Popova, Vania Ivanova, Eva Ventova, Ketty Marinova, Severina Stoyanova
covINSPIRATION | Prod. Designers' Choice

Five production designers, five films each.

Editors: Alexandra Nenkova, Bohos Topakbashian, Evtim Todorov, Michael Dervenski, Vicky Radoslavova
covINSPIRATION | Editors' Choice

Five editors, five films each.

DOPs: Alexander Stanishev, Damian Dimitrov, Dimitar Tenev, Teodor Fichev, Tomislav Mihaylov

Inspiration during self-isolation continues. This week we are sharing some of the DOP’s choices for an escape into the world of cinema, right from the sofa in your living room and in your pajamas.

Directors: Kamen Kolarov, Martin Iliev, Zornitsa Dimitrova, Dimitris Georgiev and Viktor Ivanov
covINSPIRATION | Directors' Choice

During these troubled times when almost all of us are locked at home trying to find all kinds of useful activities to do, we decided to give you some film suggestions.

Tomislav Mihaylov
Tomislav Mihaylov - Chocho | Attention to detail, please

А wanderer, a child of the world, a traveler, a wind-grabbing wave ... perhaps all this is true when you try to describe Tomislav. My conversation with him has taken me to so many places that I can safely say that his imagination and his ability to tell stories don’t know what isolation is.

Photo by Daniyar Irgaliev
Mirela Vasileva – The Kite Runner

Creating a believable illusion through costume design is one of the most important aspects in my work.

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Andrea Popova - Follow Your Own Inner Compass

Have you ever wanted to say so much about someone and not being able to find the exact words at the same time, because nothing is enough to describe him or her, because the person in front of you is one of a kind…

Photo by Phelia Barouh.
Milen Apostolov: Music Is The Highest Human Revelation

“Music can raze out the written troubles of the brain” by William Shakespeare

Photo by Ralitsa Kamenova
Dimitris Georgiev - I Want My Life To Be a Bertolucci Movie

If love is an intention - intention to cherish and to give yourself in, then Dimitris is the personification of Love.

Yordan Georgiev - Move Heaven And Earth
Yordan Georgiev - Move Heaven And Earth

A young workaholic, and when I say workaholic, I mean a person who is engaged with what he is doing, who is invested in his work, who is enthusiastic about his job,who loves what he does.

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Damian Dimitrov - Camera & Intuition

I want to introduce you to one of the young and talented Directors of Photography (DoP) – Damian Dimitrov who is 27 years old and loves the night, the sunrise and sunset, the world around him and mostly – his work.

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Johana Trayanova - Like Father, Like Daughter

A romantic story about a great dreamer.

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Daniela Ivanova, GARDEROB - Style Comes From Within

A quiet and calm voice and a genuine smile. What a delight!

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Is Making a Spec Commercial Worth It?

“Is Making a Spec Commercial Worth It?” won one of the competitions in Tongal Community-written blog posts series that were originally sourced in the Tell Us About It Tongal Blog Project. Happy to share it with you on our official blog page as well.

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Philippe Morozov - There Are As Many Stories To Tell As There Are In Real Life

Philippe is a child of the world. He traveled a lot to learn, to experience, to get as much as possible from himself and the world around him.

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Nikolay Kirkov - The One Whose Eyes Light Up Talking About His Work

Talking about the magic of creating new worlds.

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Re-cap of this year’s FARA2018

Creative without strategy is called ‘art.’ Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising.’ (Jef I. Richards)