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If you ended up on this page, you were probably given a card by one of our casting agents who has decided that you have the looks to shoot in a commercial, film or music video.

At HandPlayed we shoot high-quality award-winning videos and, hence, we are always in need of interesting, memorable faces. We find yours attractive and would love to show it to directors and clients in our future projects. By filling up the form below, you will become part of our selection of street cast faces, and could soon be offered a role in a shoot, which is usually well-paid on commercial videos.
Tell us about you
Who you are, where you come from and how can we contact you?
What are you good at?
The more you tell us, the higher the chance we can find a role for you.
Physical characteristics
You don't have to share all of these, but knowing them will definitely help us land you a shoot.
Final details
Use this to tell us more about who you are and send us some photos.
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