post-production showreel 2020

Since our foundation in 2015, we have completed more than 150 projects inside out, collaborating with some of the most skilled post-production freelancers in Bulgaria and across the world.

Even though these days we operate our own in-house post-production facility, our capacity is greatly enhanced by our network of remote-first freelancers we collaborate with on projects involving:
2D & 3D animation
Motion graphics
Color grading,
and more.

This makes us uniquely qualified to help you find the best freelance talent for your post-production needs or secure a dedicated team for your long-term projects. We are partnering with companies in France, UK, and the USA, providing post-production services & supervision, rights handling, hiring, accounting, payroll, etc.

If you require video editing, motion graphics or animation services, get in touch for a quote on:
+ project artists - paid per day or per project;
+ dedicated artists - paid per month for long-term collaborations.