Maybe Tomorrow

Short Movie
Short Movie
Director: Martin Iliev
DOP: Aleander Stanishev
Producers: Maria Metodieva @ Wonderwand, Angel Ivanov @ handplayed

Hidden behind a telescope, Lone, a modern-day hermit falls in love with a quirky woman from the building opposite. He has to cross the threshold to finally meet her, but... Maybe tomorrow.

- Premiere during 2017’s In The Palace International Short Film Festival, won 1st place in their Interantional program.

- Best Bulgarian Short Film at the 8th So Independent Film Festival, Sofia;

- Best Film Prize at Balkans Beyond Borders, Athens

- Selected for the short films program of the festival Internationale Filmwochenende 2018, Wurzburg; short films program in the International Tirana Film Fest 2017, Albania; short films program in the international festival “BuSho”, Budapest; nominated for the Jameson award for Bulgarian short film, 2018; competition program of "Golden Rose" 2017, Varna.


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