Sigrid - Mine Right Now

Music Video
Island Records
Music Video
Max Siedentopf
Cezary Zacharewicz
Riff Raff Films | Service production : handplayed

Тhis summer we were given the chance to service a music video production for grand UK producers Riff Raff Films. A project that quickly went from a dream come true to the Fyre festival of music videos. Whatever could go wrong did go wrong on this one.

A serial killer was on the loose in the area, the weather was so insane, it was dangerous to be on location, our crew couldn't finish the construction of the floating sets, but to top it all off, the night before the shoot we found out that Sigrid won't make it to Bulgaria due to delayed and cancelled flights. The label and the producers could have killed the project, but instead 8-hours before call-time it was decided that director Мax Siedentopf will take on the role of Sigrid for the video. And that ushered us into two of the craziest days of our lives.

In the morning, water level had risen a meter above our sets and they had to be rebuilt. During the day we lost a drone and with it some of the best material we had. On the second day we got chased by park rangers. After the shoot we thought the video will never be released. But the crazy genius of Max carved all this in such a beautifully honest edit that the video not only came out, it instantly got a Vimeo Staff Pick. And yesterday Мax received a nomination for Best New Director at the UK Music Video Awards. Enormous thanks to the whole crew for not quitting in the midst of this horror. We kept on pushing until we saw it all through. But sometimes the process can't be trusted. Good luck, Max!

Director: Max Siedentopf
Production Company: Riff Raff Films
Exec Producer: Natalie Arnett
Producer: Kate Brady
DOP: Cezary Zacharewicz
1st AD: Dave Calland
Production Designer: Oian Arteta
Wardrobe Stylist: Taff Williamson
Make Up Artist: Gabriella Floyd
Editor: Paul O’Reilly
Edit House: Stitch
Post Production Company: Framestore
Colourist: Simon Bourne
Sound Design: Factory
Record Label: Island Records
Commissioner: Laura Clayton
Directors Rep: Joceline Gabriel

Service Produciton

First  AD BG: Yana Alexieva
Production  Designer BG: Eva Ventova
Assistants: Todor Tunov, Ventsislav Peichev, Borislav Hristov, Vladimir Stoev, Alexander Tinchev
Stedicam  Operator: Nikolay Kerezov
Drone  Operator: Vladislav Terziyski
1st AC: Mladen Minev
2nd AC: Moni Kirov
Video  Control: Sevo Tonev
DIT: Malin Arnautski
Making Camera: Nedelcho Hazarbasanov
Grip: Eduard Muskalenko, Mario Popov, Martin Yakomov
Gaffer: Philip Penev, Daniel Savov
Animal  Trainer: Dimitar  Tsanev
Doctors on set: Lilia  Tsvetashka, Mohamed  Alhalabi
Diving team: Svetoslav Rangelov, Vasil Terziev, Georgi Stoyanov, Georgi Georgiev
SFX: Ivaylo  Maksimov, Andrey  Velchev, Valeri  Pandezov
Set  manager: Emil Velkov
PA: Martin Hristov
UPM: Ivan Hristov
Production  coordinator: Krasimira Krasteva
Assistant producer: Virginia Venkova
Service  producer: Angel Ivanov


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