The League - Never Settle TVC

The League
Director: Viktor Ivanov
DOP: Alexander Stanishev
Producer: Virginia Venkova

Slicy and very, very spicy, our new TVC for The League, the dating app for the overly ambitious, makes sure you Never Settle and only chase the finer things in life. Out now on Hulu across the US.

We picked fencing as the instrument to convey the message of our creative as competition and taking on challenges is what makes us grow; finding a partner who is ready to push you to the limit, who helps you take on the challenges life throws at you, and who isn't afraid to pull out a sabre while you're both getting ready in the morning is a recipe for success.

Client: The League

Creative & Production: Handplayed

Creative Concept by Virginia Venkova Angel Ivanov Viktor Ivanov

Written and Directed by Viktor Ivanov

DOP: Alexander Stanishev

Production Designers: Andrea Popova

Production Design Assistants: Martin Kirilov, Nikola Kolev, Vasil Ivanov, Alex Georgiev

Stylist: Mirela Vasileva

MUA: Yana Dodova

1st AD: Goran Popovic

Focus Puller: Radostin Lazarov

2nd AC: Moni Kirov

Video Control: Iliya Petrov

DIT: Ralitsa Kamenova

BTS Photographer: Ivelina Dimcheva

Sound on set: Svetozar Shenkov

Gaffer: Philip Penev

Electricians: Borislav Krastanov, Daniel Savov, Petar Ivanov

Key Grip: Alexander Petrov

Grips: Tsvetan Grigorov, Tsvetan Miladinov

Generator: Borislav Tolev

Casting Director: Yoana Ilieva

Cast: Zhaklin Daskalova, Kaloyan Katincharov

Editing: Viktor Ivanov

Color Grading: Boris Tivcheff

Sound Design & Mix: Kamen Atanasov

Motion Graphics / Supers: Alex Mitov

Set Manager: Alexander Skerlev

PA: Kiril Blagoev

Location Manager: Neno Shindarski

Medic on SET: Nikolay Nikolov

Chaperone: Robin Vredenborg

Producer: Virginia Venkova


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