hola, we do
videos that play
to change your

hola, we do videos that play to change your

Who is this?

handplayed is an award-winning content creation studio, based in Sofia/Bulgaria, where hands meet & play. We produce commercials, music videos, films & experiences.

Our agile craft approach to audio-visual production has received recognition on many platforms, including awards for film craft from festivals such as IAB, FARA, Golden Drum, Young Lions, etc.

We produce, breathe out, and manage talent we love with all our hands. We can help create your brand's audio-visual identity, find the most suitable artistic talent for your project, or service it in Bulgaria: from ideation to post-production.

So, holler or email to get a video naked & played.co

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Selected clients
"These are the only people whom I can trust my projects and ideas to. The best crew and the only one I can rely on."
Selected clients
"handplayed thinks outside of the box and possesses excellent creative talent. Their work produces effective results and they react in a fast turnaround."
Dimitar Iliev, Lidl Bulgaria
"handplayed's team is comprised of top-notch creative professionals, all extremely reliable and easy to work with, and absolute masters of unexpected production challenges."
Yana Tavanier & Ana Alexieva, Fine Acts
"The superb organization around the production, combined with the outstanding professionalism of the entire team was at the core of the success of our project."
Hristo Kenanski, Devin Spring Water’s Brand Manager