Yordan Georgiev - Move Heaven And Earth

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Aug 12, 2019
June 23, 2023

Only 21 years old but already having clear goals for what he would like to achieve in his professional and personal life. Motivated, organized and always looking for the next challenge.

This is Yordan who does not believe in sleeping because for him this is a waste of time in which he could do something out of nothing, for example. A young workaholic, and when I say workaholic, I mean a person who is engaged with what he is doing, who is invested in his work, who is enthusiastic about his job,who loves what he does. And for whom money is not the end goal, money is only the means to allows him to turn the process of creating something into his end goal. What else but a beautiful journey can await him with such attitude to the life that surrounds him.

Camera crew behind the scenes during the shooting of a short film  - Gift.
Behind The Scenes | GIFT (dir. Boya Harizanova), short movie

He is dedicated to everything in his life so far. Starting with him working for his family business when he was just a kid - learning everything possible from his parents about sales. All the money he had earn or collected as a child he gave to his mother with the task of buying certain items and reselling them, in return he simply wanted the profit - first steps towards developing a business flair.

Yordan is filled with fresh blood- genuine, passionate and with great desire for a lot of work. And it has been this way as long as he remembers - from extreme sports, through photography to now, when he holds in his hands the beginning of the rest of his life.

When he was 6th grade he started downhill biking and got really good in a very short time. He was trying all complicated tricks possible without fear of consequences. The new challenges in the sport made him forget any restrictions and limits. After a severe knee injury his parents asked him to give it up and promised that they will support any other passion of his just to keep him safe.

Official still from music video "Feel Complete", a picture of a man with VR glasses screaming.
Robbers On Parole - Feel Complete

This is not just a story about his childhood so you can get to know him, this is the basis of his character –today he works for his dreams in the same devoted way as he did back then.

Inspired by photos of him and other downhill bikers he decided that he might try to take photos of people,places, sports etc. And that’s how he started doing it, his first camera was like a machine gun and he was like a crazy man with it. Going around places and taking photos day and night, experimenting to find his own style. He read and watched all tutorials available to learn how to take and edit his photos and somehow he managed to do this for a living even though he was still in high school, living under his parents’ roof. He did a couple of Christmas photoshoots for his sister’s kid and her friends, transforming one of the rooms in his house into a studio with the help of his parents of course. There were five photoshoots during the first year and around twenty in the second one. In the beginning of the third year he and his parents decided to open a real studio outside their home, which turns out to be the largest studio in the area by then. Little by little, everything started to work and from mouth to mouth different people decided to invite him to take pictures of their personal events - birthdays, weddings not only in his hometown - Lovech, but all over Bulgaria. As he did so, he saw people shooting weddings in small towns in Bulgaria, then it occurred to him that he could do something different for people, something more beautiful, more meaningful. And since he knows no limits he decided to move on to the next level - he decided to try shooting video as well. And then he read and watched all available tutorials for video production, lenses, lighting, setting, editing, etc., checked out all possible channels on YouTube and started to try out what he was reading and listening about.

behind the scenes picture from a music video set. the vocalist and the DOP having fun during shooting
Behind the scenes | Robbers On Parole - Feel Complete, music video

All this background lead to his application to the NATFA, where he was accepted first in his class. He began his studies and was surprised that he was the only proactive person among them all. Knowledge may be power, but it's enthusiasm -a positive outlook and a belief that what you're doing matters - that flips the switch. He was always looking for new adventures, went to different lectures and that's how he met Boya Harizanova (director), while shooting an etude as a task for the Academy. One thing led to another and after seeing him in action Boya decided to recommend him to assist Georgi Chelebiev (DOP) in her full-length movie about Georgi Markov. He got a call where he was asked if he can work with Alexa Mini. He answered cold-bloodedly “Yes, absolutely”. The truth is that he had never touched Alexa till this moment. But because there is no force to stop him from getting where he dreams to be, he quickly found work on set of a TVC. And he had few before he had to meet with Georgi Chelebiev and work with Alexa. Meanwhile he read all he could about Alexa, did all online simulators available and somehow managed to prepare himself for this important moment. They started filming together and little by little Georgi Celebiev got him involved in the process more and more until once he had to shoot by himself because Georgi was not available. And that was his real test. Few days after the shooting he received a massage from Georgi after he watched the material and Yordan was so afraid to read it because he didn’t believe that he handled the shooting as well as he imaged it in his head. But the massage was saying: Wonderful job, it looks like a Caravaggio’s painting.

If you haven’t understood by now Yordan definitely needs to express himself and step outside any possible borders, think outside the box and maybe that’s the reason he had a strong desire to shoot music videos. He has always been deeply linked to music, he believes the music videos are the place where he has the ability to cast his full imagination as a beast that can’t be stopped… that’s a possibility for him to visualize the music and translate it into another – visual language.


official still from a music video, a close-up of an eye
Robbers On Parole - Feel Complete, music video

For now, he had three main goals.I will start listing them in reverse order:


To work in video productions,gaining knowledge from different people, that’s how he observes and steals from the best, that’s how he helps others to complete their own passion projects and dreams.


To develop a business which allows him to follow his dreams and which is bringing him income so he can do what he loves the most without burdening it with expectations for money.


TO BE HAPPY - To be satisfied and calm that he has the opportunity to do what he loves.  

female vocalist of a music band. official from a music video. A girl singing in front of the camera.still
Robbers On Parole - Feel Complete, music video

official still of  the music video  - Никой не може by Mila Robert and Azis.
Mila Robert - Никой Не Може
, music video

Yordan is currently working on different productions as an assistant, camera operator or DOP. And he is also a partner in a company for marketing that deviates from what is standard, normal or expected – ANOMALY.BG where everything he and his partners do is anything but a common rule, type, arrangement or form. They prefer to be odd and peculiar with what they do than ordinary. They are anomalies in the world that surrounds them and their main goal is to get together people who are different to create the universe they always wanted to live in.

Two of his own personal goals are present, on one of them he might never stop working. And the reason is that this guy is a perfectionist to his bones. He is never satisfied with what he has achieved and is always striving for being better next time. He never stops listening to the more experienced in the industry and always wants to give whatever he can and knows to others. That’s who he is – a warrior with a camera, always thriving to achieve more and never giving up on his dream.